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Keys to College Financing seminar topic

Keys to College Financing

The Oct. 28 Vallejo Seminar is rescheduled to Nov. 25

Rising college tuition costs continue to outpace inflation. This seminar will teach the basics of college financing and how to get the most out of the money available. Learn how to use long-term savings, understand financial aid opportunities and hit the books to fund your college dreams.

Vallejo RSVP: Nov. 25

November 2019 seminar topic

Life as a Homeowner

This seminar presents valuable tips about moving and settling into a new home, keeping records, communicating with your lender and creditors, making sure your new home is energy efficient to save money, taking advantage of the financial benefits of owning a home, hiring a contractor if you choose to remodel, improving your credit score if you choose to refinance, and more.

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Homebuyer seminar

Home Buyer Seminar

Preparation for home ownership begins long before the purchase actually takes places. This seminar covers pre-purchase issues such as budgeting, determining how much house is affordable, saving for a down payment and other costs. You'll learn about credit reports, managing your debt-to-income ratio, the types of home loans available and the mortgage lending process.

Terrace Center RSVP: Nov. 19

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