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We know how important it is to build your capital and grow your business. Our Business Savings Accounts are designed to securely let your money grow today as you save for tomorrow. Contact us today at (707) 469-2042 or use the Contact Us button below.

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Business Savings Accounts

A minimum balance of $100 is needed. A savings account must be established when a primary business checking account is opened. Dividends are paid on daily balances over $100.

Business Certificate Accounts

Terms range from 6 to 60 months with a minimum deposit of $500. Dividends are earned from the day of deposit to the day of withdrawal. Dividends are compounded monthly and credited on the last day of each dividend period. See Rate Chart

Business Money Market Accounts

Our business Money Market Accounts are designed to maximize your earning power.¹ Enjoy unlimited access to your funds, flexible rates or terms² and earn dividends based on your daily balance. See Rate Chart

Money market accounts are among the most popular choices for any investor. You’ll earn higher dividends over traditional savings accounts and your funds are liquid so you can withdraw them at any time without penalties.

Flexible Money Market Account

Our tiered Flexible Money Market account is ideal for those who like to save without concern for a fluctuating balance. As your daily balance changes, the rate paid automatically adjusts, according to the balance. See Rate Chart

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Business Savings account disclosure

Business Certificate account disclosure

Business Money Market account disclosure

1Money market account options; Flexible and Jumbo. Each account has specific minimum balance requirements to open and to earn the posted dividend rate. Each day, funds in the Flexible money market account will earn dividends based on your balance. A Flexible money market account balance of less than $100 for more than 90 days will close the account and the funds will be placed in the business account holder’s Primary Share account.

2With all other TCU money market products, the credit union will not automatically adjust your dividend rate. You must make a request and initiate the change with the credit union. Higher dividend rates and balance requirements are not retroactive, but are effective from the date of conversion.