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It's Time to Start a Savings Plan at Travis

Money Market Savings

Our popular Money Market Accounts earn interest based on your balance. They are designed to give you high yield plus total liquidity. Your funds are liquid so you can withdraw them at any time without penalties.

Choose from one of our money market accounts — the more you invest, the higher dividend-rate you earn.1

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See account disclosure for complete details.

Jumpstart MMA

Jumpstart your savings fund by earning higher interest.

Introducing a new way to save: the Travis Jumpstart MMA. We created Jumpstart especially for members who want to get into the habit of saving. This special Money Market Account offers the highest interest to savers who start small.

  • Open with as little as $0
  • No Maintenance Fee
  • Unlimited withdrawals or transfers
  • Access accounts online 24/7, via Mobile App

Start saving with any amount in a Jumpstart MMA.

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See account disclosure for complete details.

Prime & Target Savings

Your Prime Savings account establishes your membership at Travis Credit Union.

Target Savings accounts are a great option to help you reach your savings goals such as saving for a down payment on a car, a vacation, holiday shopping, school expenses or any other goal you have.


  • No monthly service charge
  • Set up direct deposit (or automatic deposit) and watch your savings grow — automatically
  • Unlimited withdrawals, transactions and more

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College Savings

Begin your child's education fund with a Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA), which features tax-free withdrawals to educate students under age 30. You may contribute up to $2,000 annually per student, until 18 years of age. We also offer CESA certificates with terms from 12 to 60 months that earn at a higher rate.


  • A $200 minimum deposit is required
  • Distributions are typically tax-free
  • Withdrawals may be used for K-12 expenses as well as for college
  • Beneficiary may have more than one account in his or her name

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For uninsured education investment options, visit  Travis Financial Services.

Youth Savings Accounts

T-Bird Club
(0 to 12 years old)
Help young children see that saving money can be fun. Encourage your children toward smart saving by developing their habit of making regular deposits at an early age. As your children grow, they'll enjoy watching their balances grow too. Each child who opens a T-Bird Club account will receive a piggy bank to make it easy to save up for their next big deposit.

Rising Stars Club
(13 to 17 years old)
With your guidance this account gives your teenager the opportunity to learn about the value of setting financial goals, to balance needs versus wants, and to experience firsthand the effects of their financial choices. Teens ages 14 to 17 may have an ATM card with photo ID and parent/guardian consent. Additionally, teens 14 to 17 may have a checking account and Visa® debit card with a photo ID and parent/guardian consent.

Young Adult Account
(18 to 21 years old)
In addition to paying dividends on savings, this account features a free ATM card and access to Mobile Banking. Additionally, young adults are eligible for checking accounts and money markets along with a free Visa debit card and Bill Pay. To help young adults establish credit, we also offer a Visa credit card with up to a $2,000 limit. Please click on the Disclosures and Agreements link for full details.

1Money market account options: Flexible, Jumpstart and Jumbo. Each account has specific minimum balance requirements to open and to earn the posted dividend rate. Each day, funds in the Flexible money market account will earn dividends based on your balance. A Flexible money market account balance of less than $100 for more than 90 days will close the account and the funds will be placed in the account holder's Primary Share account.

With all TCU money market products except the Flexible account, the credit union will not automatically adjust your dividend rate. You must make a request and initiate the change with the credit union. Upon receipt of your signed request, your account will be converted. Higher dividend rates and balance requirements are not retroactive, but are effective from the date of conversion.