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Pick Your Rate Certificate

Open an 11-month Pick Your Rate Certificate through June 5 with a minimum deposit and receive our best 1.20% rate and take it even higher – up to 2.20% APY. Every new qualifying service adds up to more Certificate dividends earned!

Pick Your Rate Certificate

Did you know ...

Travis Credit Union’s commitment to the communities where we live and work isn’t just words alone. We walk the talk. Here are our highlights from 2016.

Community Commitment
100% Mortgage Financing

Re-enter the housing market with 100% mortgage financing!

Are you worried about the time it’ll take to save enough for a down payment to buy your own home? Are you afraid you’ll be priced out of the housing market if you don’t act soon? Travis Credit Union offers 100% mortgage financing!

100% Mortgage Financing
College and financial aid

Submit college, financial aid applications now

It’s not a secret that the desire to go to college exists among many teenagers and young adults in the United States, and that demand for a spot in a four-year university, especially the private college systems isn’t going away.

Financial Aid
Small Business Loan

What you need to get a small business loan

Your great idea for a new business is taking shape. You’ve smoothed out your business plan and are ready to invest some of your own money to get your startup off the ground. But you still need more capital to make it work.

SBA Loans

Your online and on-the-go lifestyle has met its match.

Your finances, your way. The new Access account combines the features of a debit card with the convenience of banking from your smartphone or tablet.

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