Loan Payment Options


If you need to make a loan payment quickly and securely, Travis Credit Union can help with our Quick-Pay service.

Our Travis Quick-Pay service allows you to make a loan payment or credit card payment using a debit card, or your checking or savings account from another financial institution.

All new users will need to complete a one-time registration that includes adding your account information. Once the registration is complete, you'll be able to access Travis Quick-Pay and make loan payments.

Travis Quick-Pay

Request Form for Automatic Payments

Please fill out and sign the request form.

*You must be an owner of the account from which you are originating the loan payment.

Automatic Payment / Automated Clearing House (ACH) Form

Note: All automatic payment requests scheduled to occur on a weekend or holiday will be requested from the originating institution on the first business day following the scheduled transfer date. For example, if the payment is scheduled to occur on a Saturday, the payment will be processed on the following Monday.

Loan Payment Coupons

Download and print your Loan Payment Coupons.

If you’ve run out or misplaced your loan coupons used to make monthly payments to Travis Credit Union, you can generate and print out new ones using the form below.

Loan Payment Coupons

Skip-A-Pay Request Form

During a rolling 12-month period, applicants are eligible to skip 2 months of payments on installment loans or line of credit; and one skipped payment on a credit card. Click the button below, then select "Skip-a-Pay" on the form.

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