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Flexible money market account

Our five-tiered, Flexible Money Market Account earns the best money market rate possible without having to manage your account. Each day, you will earn dividends at the highest possible rate for your balance.


Self-managed money market accounts

Members who prefer to self-manage the movement of their money market funds among our Sterling, Premiere, Premiere Plus and Jumbo accounts will earn our highest money market rates³.

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It's our goal to improve your financial well−being. That's why we offer a range of savings, certificate and money market accounts. Whether you're managing your day-to-day finances or investing for the future, we've got options to meet your needs. Funds in TCU deposit accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

Our popular Money Market Accounts earn interest based on your balance. They are designed to give you high yield plus total liquidity. Your funds are liquid so you can withdraw them at any time without penalties¹.

Choose from one of our five money market accounts — the more you invest, the higher dividend-rate you earn².

Money Market Savings Account

Minimum opening deposit: $1,000

Minimum balance fees: None

Earns Dividends: Yes, tiered dividend rates²

Free online banking: Yes

Free online bill pay: No

Additional benefits: Members may make unlimited deposits, in-person withdrawals, transfers and transactions at TCU-owned ATMs.

Important notes: Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals or transfers to a third party by means of a check, draft, pre-authorized or automatic transfer, Online Banking transfer, or telephone order to no more than six per month.

If there are no monetary transactions in the account for 90 consecutive days and the balance is less than $100.00, the account will be closed and the balance transferred to the share savings account.


1. Unlimited withdrawals allowed on in-person transactions only. Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals or pre-authorized, automatic transfers made to third parties, other TCU accounts, or telephone orders to cover overdrafts on your checking account to no more than six transactions per month. If these limits are exceeded in any given month, your account will be subject to an Excessive Transaction Fee of $15. Excessive, continuous violation of the transaction limits will close the money market account and the funds will be transferred to an account that allows more transactions.

2. We offer five money market account options: Flexible, Sterling, Premiere, Premiere Plus, and Jumbo. Each account has specific minimum balance requirements to open and to earn the posted dividend rate. Each day, funds in the Flexible money market account will earn dividends based on your balance. A Flexible money market account balance of less than $100 for more than 90 days will close the account and the funds will be placed in the account holder's Primary Share account.

3. With all TCU money market products except the Flexible account, the credit union will not automatically adjust your dividend rate. You must make a request and initiate the change with the credit union. Upon receipt of your signed request, your account will be converted. Higher dividend rates and balance requirements are not retroactive, but are effective from the date of conversion.