2.50% APY* on a 2-year Bump-Up Certificate

Get started today with a $1,000 minimum deposit of new money.

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Protect against rising interest rates

We hear you. When yields on savings rise you want a way – and a say – about it. Our 2-year Bump-Up Certificate offers a rate of 2.50% APY that comes with the flexibility to bump-up the rate one-time during the term of the certificate if rates go up.

It’s totally rad

The awesome bump-up feature makes our already competitive certificate rates even better! Plus, you can decide when you want to Bump-Up the rate during the 2-year term.

Earn more at Travis

The more you put into your Bump-Up Certificate, the more you’ll earn! Open with a low minimum deposit of $1000. Only new money qualifies – this means you can only use funds that are coming from an outside institution. The Bump-Up Certificate is just another great reason to turn to Travis for your savings.

It’s easy to get this special offer!

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*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on a 2-year Bump-Up Certificate is accurate as of February 27, 2019 and assumes principal and dividends will remain on deposit until maturity. Dividends compound monthly. Withdrawals may reduce earnings. Penalty for early withdrawal. Minimum opening deposit of $1,000 is required. Only New Money qualifies for the Bump-Up Certificate. New Money is defined as funds not currently on deposit with Travis Credit Union. The Bump-Up Certificate allows an opportunity to request a one-time increase to the dividend rate over the 2-year term to the standard 2-year certificate dividend rate. An increase in the dividend rate does not extend the maturity date. Certificate will automatically renew on the maturity date at the nearest available standard term and dividend rate. Business, IRA and CESA Certificates are eligible for the 2-Year Bump-Up Certificate. Some restrictions apply. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to change or discontinue this program at any time.  See Certificate Account disclosure for complete details.