Digital Money Management tool

• See all of your accounts in one place

• Visualize budgets instantly with Bubble Budgets™

• Track spending, set goals, pay debts and much more!

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MyInsight digital money management tool displayed on a desktop computer

See everything at once

Do you ever get tired of having to sign in to separate sites to see a complete picture of your finances? Now you can log into one place and see everything. MyInsight connects with more than 19,000 institutions, so you can add any account you have.

What kind of accounts can I add?

• Checking, savings, investments, loans and more

• Add any other accounts with other financial institutions

MyInsight dashboard view on a laptop computer

Budgeting made easy

Are you looking to simplify your financial life? With Bubble Budgets™ within MyInsight, you can instantly see how to make smarter choices with your money. It's quick and easy to set up.

Manage your finances with Bubble Budgets

• Color shows whether you're over or under budget

• Size represents how much you've budgeted

• The meter tells your progress

Pay off debts faster

Now you can prioritize debt in order to pay it off faster! With all of your lines of credit & other liability accounts automatically loaded, you can easily visualize how to best rollover payments, and become debt-free. Used in correlation with Bubble Budgets, you can even add additional monthly amounts to build a faster payoff model.

Show your debt who's boss

• Debts are listed by how quickly you can pay them off

• Calculates earliest debt free date

• Colors show debt size and savings

Spend without worry

Do you ever wonder how much you spent last month on shopping or groceries? With the spending tool on MyInsight, you can instantly see how much you spent in each category.

Track how you spend and use your money

• A monthly comparison to see your progress

• There's no need to manually categorize your spending

• Tags and memos to track what you'd like

Set and track goals like never before

• Organize goals by importance

• Set goals for specific accounts or spending category

• View past present and future goals

Try MyInsight with three easy steps

• See all of your accounts in one place

• Visualize budgets instantly with Bubble Budgets™

• Track spending, set goals, pay debts and much more!