Mobile Deposit for Loan Payments

Mobile Deposit is a feature of our Mobile App that lets you take a picture of your paper check and deposit electronically using your smart phone or tablet device.

It's simple, secure, fast and free!

Download our free mobile app for your Apple® or Android device and begin using mobile deposit for paying your loans today!

Steps to complete a deposit:

  • Login to the TCU mobile app
  • Select “Deposit a Check
    Pay Loan by Check
    ” from the menu
  • Select loan account to deposit into
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Also note:

  • The check deposited can be written by yourself to yourself
  • The deposited check can be written by someone else to you
  • Checks must be endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only to Travis CU
  • To view checks that were previously deposited through Mobile Deposit, click the “View Deposit/ Payment History”

Tips for Mobile Deposit Photos

  • Hold the camera parallel to the item and match the check inside the guidelines on the phone
  • We recommend that a flash is not used as this may wash the quality of the image
  • Background must be a consistent color without any patterns (marble tabletops or wood grain tabletops have been known to cause problems)
  • If your table surface is not a solid contrasting color, place a sheet of paper behind the check. Be sure the paper’s color contrasts with the check’s color
  • If taken against a light background the optics may have trouble reading the edges of the item and may not crop properly
  • Ensure the lighting is optimal without any shadowing
  • The check should lay as flat as possible with no folds, which could warp the image for OCR
  • You can place a small pencil or pen dot in each corner of the check to help the OCR align with the check properly

See account disclosures for complete details.

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