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Check out these important tips for staying safe and secure while using Mobile Banking.

Online Banking & Mobile App

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Start by logging into the correct website. Enter Travis’ web address (URL) directly into your mobile phone’s browser, or use a trusted bookmark you created.

Verify the legitimacy of an app before downloading it to your phone. Check the app publisher or seller before you download.

Device Security

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Biometric technology (fingerprint and face ID) is the best option for preventing bank fraud because it’s the most secure solution to protect mobile banking. When possible, use biometrics instead of a password for the best device security.

Do not modify (“jailbreak”) your mobile phone because this can make your device susceptible to a virus or malware.

Install mobile security software on your phone, similar to anti-virus software on your computer.

Do not lend your phone to others when your Mobile Banking app is opened, nor use mobile banking services in public places.

Be alert to changes in your mobile phone’s performance. If your device starts performing differently (responding slowly or draining its battery faster) that could be a sign of malicious code at work.


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Travis Credit Union will never ask for your Online/ Mobile Banking password.

Change your password regularly.

Password protect your mobile device and lock it when it’s not in use.

Use strong passwords with numbers and letters (upper and lower case).

Do not tell your password to others under any circumstances.

Monitor Activity

Monitor your financial records and accounts on a regular basis. Use electronic account alerts to notify you of activity. Regularly review your statements with online banking to spot any suspicious activity.  

Fraudsters seek your private information by email, letter, and phone calls. If you have any doubts, please contact TCU.

Reducing Risk of Fraud & Scams For Zelle®

Use Zelle with people you trust, and always make sure you are using the correct mobile number or email address. Don't click on suspicious links in text messages or email, and never give out your online ID or password to anyone (Travis Credit Union would never ask for that personal information).

  1. Only send or receive money from people you trust
  2. Authorized Zelle® transactions cannot be canceled (treat like cash)
  3. Always confirm a recipient's contact information first before authorizing payment
  4. Consider other options like a credit card for payments outside of your trusted network

For more information on using Zelle® safely, learn more at

Find a suspicious website or app claiming to be TCU? Let us know.

Tips for Lowering the Risk of Identity Theft

Personal and commercial TCU members can lower their risk of identity theft with a few simple methods.

Go Paperless
This free option is considerably safer than paying bills and receiving account statements through the mail.

Don’t Give Out Your Info
Never disclose your account information, Social Security number, birth date, or driver license number over the phone, online, or via text unless you initiate the contact.

Shred Often
Shred anything that has financial or personal information, such as credit offers and any transaction or purchase receipts you don’t need.

Lighten Your Load
Do not carry unnecessary cards or personal documents, such as your Social Security card or birth certificate, in your wallet or purse.

Be Proactive—Check Your Credit Regularly
Monitor your credit reports at least once a year and review your account statements monthly.

Don’t Use Your Debit Card For Online Purchases
If your card is compromised at an unsecure website, it could take weeks for the money to be replaced.

Use An App
When accessing your accounts using your smartphone, always use your financial institution’s app for the most secure mobile banking experience.

Treat Your Cellphone Like Your Wallet
Keep it safe and use the password or lock function—thieves can obtain access to your bank accounts, social media accounts, or other apps that may have your personal or financial information stored.

Never Use A Questionable ATM
If there are loose or wobbly parts attached to it, or if the appearance is dramatically different since your last visit, use another ATM.

Report Any ATM Issues Immediately
If your card is acquired by an ATM and not returned at the end of the transaction, call your card issuer and request a new card.

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