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We've answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about mobile wallets.

Using a mobile wallet is a convenient and secure way to use your TCU card for purchases. Having a separate digital card number means your account details are not stored on your device, and mobile payments are quick and allow touch-free processing at merchants (no more inserting your chip card in the reader and waiting!).

Yes, mobile wallets use tokenization to create a separate digital card number from your physical card, and your card details are not stored on the device or transferred to the merchant.

For best practice, ensure your mobile device is set up with the highest level of security (such as Face ID, Touch ID, Iris, etc.) as making a payment with your device requires authentication.

Mobile payments are accepted at a wide variety of retailers, just look for the Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® logo at checkout.

For more information on where you can use Apple Pay, click here.

For more information on where you can use Samsung Pay, click here.

Your primary TCU account will get debited when you use debit card for mobile wallet; your credit card account will be charged when you use your TCU credit card in your mobile wallet.

Tokenization replaces your physical card number with a token value, so your actual information is not shared with the merchant during the transaction.

Tokenization is the process of turning an account number into a random string of characters called a token that has no meaningful value if breached. Tokens serve as reference to the original account number but cannot be used to reveal the true number.

For security purposes, a digital card number is created when you add your card to a mobile wallet. This is a separate and unique number from your physical card number. You can access your digital card number in the mobile wallet app in the card details screen.

Contact TCU right away if either your smartphone or physical card are compromised to ensure your funds stay safe. You can remove your digital card from your mobile wallet at any time by using the "delete card" option. If you receive a replacement card, you will need to add the new card to your mobile wallet again.

In Apple Pay, the first card that you add to your wallet is set as the default payment option. Go to Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay > scroll down to Default Card and select which card you would like to make the default option from your loaded cards.

In Samsung Pay, there is no default card. The first card shown is either the most recent one that was loaded or the most recent one used.

Mobile wallets use a graphical representation of the card, not an exact replica, and TCU has chosen a design that represents potential future card design.

No, there are no fees associated with using a mobile wallet but any fees that are normally associated with your account would still apply (if any).

Purchases made using your mobile wallet are tracked and viewable in the wallet application on your device.

Most smartphones will come with the respective wallet app already pre-loaded onto the smartphone, but if for some reason your phone does not, you can download it from the app store.

For a complete list of compatible Apple devices, click here.

For a complete list of compatible Samsung devices, click here.

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