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How do I deposit checks electronically?

Mobile Deposit is a free, time-saving feature of our Mobile App. This feature allows you to take a picture of the front and back of your paper check and submit it for deposit or to make a loan payment electronically. Mobile Deposit is easy to use and you’ll save time traveling to a branch or ATM to make a deposit.

Members may download our free Mobile App for Apple and Android devices for free at You'll need to be enrolled in our free Online Banking to utilize the account services portion of our Mobile App.

What are the eligibility requirements to use Mobile Deposit?

To use Mobile Deposit, the account owner must be 16 years of age or older and a member of Travis Credit Union. The member must have a deposit account or a TCU loan and must not have any delinquent loans more than 29 days old. Also, the account must be in good standing, with no negative balances.

Is using Mobile Deposit free?

Yes, Mobile Deposit is a feature of our free Mobile App.

Can I use Mobile Deposit anywhere?

Yes. You can easily access your accounts from anywhere, at any time with our Mobile App. You have 24-hour access to:

  • Make Mobile deposits to your Travis accounts or to make Loan Payments
  • Check Balances, history and other account information
  • Access our Bill Pay services
  • Locate our branches and ATMs
  • View check images
  • Transfer funds between your TCU accounts
  • Transfer funds to outside accounts via Money Mover
  • Check rates
  • Contact our Member Service Center

When will my funds be available when using Mobile Deposit?

Travis Credit Union’s standard check hold policy applies to deposits made using Mobile Deposit. There is no cut-off time for depositing checks through Mobile Deposit. If you deposit your check after 3:00 p.m. PST, however, the check will be processed the following business day.

As a precaution, please retain your check for at least 14 calendar days before destroying it. The daily deposit limit is $20,000. The weekly limit is $40,000 and the monthly limit is $60,000.

What are the steps to complete a deposit via Mobile Deposit?

  1. Login to the TCU Mobile App
  2. Select “Deposit a Check” or “Pay Loan by Check” from the menu
  3. Select account into which deposit will be made
  4. Follow on-screen instructions
Step 1 - Mobile App
Step 2 - Mobile App
Step 3 - Mobile App

Please note the check deposited can be written by yourself to yourself. The deposited check can be written by someone else to you. Checks must be endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only to Travis CU.” To view checks that were previously deposited through Mobile Deposit, click the “View Deposit/ Payment History.”

What are some tips for taking Mobile Deposit photos?

  • Hold the camera parallel to the check and match the check inside the guidelines on the phone
  • We recommend that a flash is not used as this may wash the quality of the image
  • The background must be a consistent color without any patterns (marble tabletops or wood grain tabletops have been known to cause problems)
  • If your table surface is not a solid contrasting color, place a sheet of paper behind the check. Be sure the paper’s color contrasts with the check’s color
  • If taken against a light background the optics may have trouble reading the edges of the item and may not crop properly
  • Ensure the lighting is optimal without any shadowing
  • The check should lay as flat as possible with no folds, which could warp the image
  • You can place a small pencil or pen dot in each corner of the check to help the OCR align with the check properly

See account disclosures for complete details.

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