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Personal Loan FAQs

We've answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Loans. Click on the question below to read the answer.

The Ready Reserve Overdraft Line of Credit is an unsecured revolving loan that you can link to your checking accounts as a source of Overdraft Protection. This product provides a safety net in the event that you need emergency funds for your checking account.

In the event your checking account becomes overdrawn, your Ready Reserve Overdraft Line of Credit will protect your checking account by transferring funds in $100 increments to cover the overdraft.

Yes, this product can be linked to multiple checking accounts – you just have to be the primary owner on the checking account that gets linked.

Yes, this is an Active Revolving Loan, and will be reported to all three major credit reporting bureaus. This means that we can help you establish new positive credit, even if you are not using the overdraft protection.

This product is designed to save you money – there are no annual fees and no overdraft transfer fees or monthly service fees.

The easiest way to make payments is through your Online Banking. You can also make payments in person at a branch or over the phone.

If you choose to make monthly payments on the balance, a minimum payment of $20 or 2% of the balance is required monthly and is due by the 30th of the following month.

The statement for the Ready Reserve Overdraft Line of Credit will be located on your regular monthly banking statement. Please remember to sign up for e-Statements to have quick access to your bank statements online at all times.