In the Community – Summer 2018

Mad City Money

Our Mad City Money workshops were back this summer! More than 4,000 young adults experienced a sense of adulthood at our popular teen financial boot camps. This 3-1/2 hour simulation kept teens busy creating budgets and experiencing the realities of financial responsibility. Each student received a temporary identity, including occupation, salary, debt, credit score, loan payments, marital status, children, etc. Many TCU employees and community volunteers gathered to role play the merchants of “Mad City,” persuading teens as pushy car salesmen, luxury retailers, credit union advisers and more. The afternoon was filled with fun activities, exciting prizes and valuable insight on money management.

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Central Valley Meeting

TCU President and CEO Barry Nelson led our Central Valley Meeting on May 15 at the Castle Air Museum, in Atwater. Barry spoke on items discussed at our recent 67th Annual Meeting and focused on our financial investments and community impact in the Central Valley.


MKD scholarships-SMM-Summer-2018
Mary Keith Duff Memorial Scholarship Reception

On June 14, Travis Credit Union awarded 22 worthy high school students as part of the Mary Keith Duff Memorial Scholarship. Since inception TCU has awarded $357,000 in scholarships to deserving students in our communities. Click here for more information on our scholarship winners.


Travis Credit Union employees actively support the people and communities we serve through an investment of financial resources and human capital. We’re also engaged based on our core purpose, promoting the mission of "People Helping People”, through financial literacy and advocacy initiatives.

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