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“I was impressed with the ease and speed of refinancing our home.
We received a great interest rate, paid no fees, and the process
took only a few weeks. Excellent service!”

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Member since 2018

Desiree photo testimonial quote

“Travis was able to provide us with friendly, cooperative staff who did not make me feel bullied or insecure as a first time home buyer as I did with Wells Fargo. I genuinely adore all staff members who made this transaction possible for me and I will never bank with Wells Fargo again. Travis is my first and only choice now for all my banking needs!”
Desiree Member Since 2000

Aubin photo testimonial quote

“I fell into financial ruins. I came to Travis and they got me out of the ditch in 2018. I have breathing room now that I didn’t have before. I was in a ditch before because I could hardly pay my bills. I will be a member of Travis Credit Union for life.”

Aubin Member Since 2012

Shelley photo testimonial quote

“We have been able to expand and purchase two more franchises. It’s the local business side that’s really saved us time and the relationships we’ve built over the years. My experience with Travis is amazing.”

Shelley Member Since 2018

Ben photo testimonial quote

“Through the loan refinance we did with Travis, we were able to use those funds to make a huge difference in our schools like raising our teachers’ salaries and adding important curricular tools for our kids. The level of partnership and dedication was absolutely amazing at every level of the experience.”
Ben Member Since 2021