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Mad City Money

Youth Financial Boot Camp

What is Mad City Money?

Mad City Money is Travis Credit Union Foundation’s hands-on financial simulation that gives teens and young adults a taste of the real world finances. Students will be assigned an occupation, salary, spouse, student loan debt and credit score as they take on the role of adults who must decide between their wants and needs as they live and work in Mad City.

The goal is to simulate the realities of approaching financial responsibilities and to teach students the tools needed to make better financial decisions.

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Join the thousands of students who have participated and completed our Mad City events in Solano, Napa, Yolo, Contra Costa and Merced counties. Here’s what participants say about Mad City Money:

“My favorite part of Mad City Money was that I got to see how I managed my purchases, given my own monthly salary as well as my spouse’s monthly salary. The thing that surprised me was the amount of money I had left over when I was done making all of my purchases.”
– Hailey W.

“During Mad City Money I had to decide what was most important first, like housing and groceries, and then seeing how much money I had left to afford the things I wanted like a new car or what type of cell phone I could afford.”
– Marie I.

“I loved the interaction with the merchants and to see which was an important purchase to have and which isn’t a necessity to have with a limited amount of money, figuring out how to have that perfect balance between all the sections was very fun to try and figure out.”
– Edward V.

“My favorite part about Mad City Money was seeing how far your credit score can get you. I didn’t know much about credit scores and how much of an impact it had on what homes you may purchase in the future. What surprised me was how much big purchases actually cost, and the effect it will soon have on your bank account/ credit score.”
– Sidney J.

National Award, 2021 CUNA Desjardins

2021 CUNA National Desjardins
Youth Financial Education Award

In-State Award, 2021 CUNA Desjardins

2021 CUNA In‑State Desjardin
Youth Financial Education Award