Sponsorship Request Form

Thank you for your interest in Travis Credit Union. Through our Awesome Cause, we are dedicated to changing lives and lifting communities through financial wellness. If you are interested in requesting an event sponsorship or contribution/donation, please read the guidelines and submit a request through our Intake Request Form below. The Community Relations Department will respond to your request within two weeks of receipt.


While TCU would like to sponsor all worthwhile community causes, requests of support for events will be granted based on the potential overall financial wellness benefit to communities in the TCU service area, alignment with the Awesome Cause, and availability of funds at time of request. Community organizations are encouraged to inform TCU of planned future events as far in advance as possible to ensure consideration for community support budgeting.  

Sponsorship Considerations:

Budget Allowance: Funds may or may not be available at time of request, regardless of Awesome Cause alignment and previous support.

Awesome Cause Alignment: The proposed event is in support of TCU's Awesome Cause, which includes:

  • Financial Education – Opportunity to support curriculum-based financial education efforts.
  • Financial Literacy – Opportunity to support the practice of exercising financial skills and knowledge.
  • Financial Advocacy – Opportunity to create TCU financial wellness champions in the communities we serve.


Intake Request Form:

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We also accept written request. The instructions are as follows.

  1. Please submit written request for sponsorship on printed company letterhead (PDF is ok), detailing benefit to TCU for involvement.
  2. Description of how event aligns with the Awesome Cause; if event is not Awesome Cause aligned, a nominal contribution/donation may be considered based on community impact potential.
  3. Please include organizer contact info, as well as event name, description and date.
  4. Send request to:
    Travis Credit Union Headquarters
    Attn: Community Relations Supervisor
    One Travis Way
    Vacaville, CA 95687
  5. You may also send a request via email: Send via Email