We strive to create value with every interaction
Barry Nelson

Barry Nelson
President & CEO

Patricia Moreno

Pat Moreno
Board Chair

A Travis member was struggling to keep up with his high auto loan payments and asked us to move his payment date. Katelyn, a Financial Services Representative, listened and recognized an opportunity to save him $300 by refinancing his loan. The look of relief on his face when she told him about his new lower payment was priceless. “He was so grateful,” she said. “He was on the verge of not being able to make his payment.”

Katelyn’s actions exemplifies what Travis employees do every day – create value for our membership and for the communities we serve. It is through interactions such as these that we differentiate ourselves from other financial institutions, and build financial relationships that last a lifetime.

Annual Membership Meeting

Pat and I would like to thank all of our members who attended our Annual Membership Meeting in April and our Central Valley Meeting in May. Hearing directly from you about your concerns reinforces that what we do every day matters. Your active participation in these meetings is welcomed and appreciated.

At these meetings we also shared a few stories from our members about how Travis helped them with their financial situation. We are always humbled and proud to hear how we have improved the lives of people. You can read more about the results of our Annual Meeting in this issue of Smart Money Matters.

Scholarship winners

We’re proud to announce the 2018 recipients of our Mary Keith Duff Memorial Scholarship. These high school seniors and Travis members were selected from a large, talented pool of applicants. We wish everyone who applied for our scholarship program the very best this fall as they head off to college.

For parents of younger children, the credit union will be offering free financial seminars on college financing in September at various locations. Learn how savings and financial aid can help make your college dreams a reality. Click here for dates, times and locations.

Turn to Travis

These long summer days are a great time for gatherings, activities, traveling and home-related projects. Pat and I sincerely hope you’ll consider Travis Credit Union first for any of your financial needs to make these things happen. Have a great summer!