Save Money with Green Home Upgrades

With today’s focus on energy savings in home design and home products, homeowners who want to replace or upgrade are finding great new ways to save money and leave a smaller footprint on the environment. Win-win!

Re-roofing tips

For example, homeowners who face re-roofing can put a positive spin on the price tag by thinking about how much money a new water-tight, insulated roof will save them in heating and cooling costs. The folks at suggest homeowners choose a roof color that makes the most of the climate they live in: use lighter colors for warmer climates and darker roof tiles for colder locations.

Water heater replacement

Replacing old hot water heaters is another way to help your home’s energy efficiency. Newer water heaters have insulated hot water tanks that keep the water hot and ready for use. There are also “instant” or “tankless” water heaters that don’t experience standby heat loss and tend to last longer. Before choosing, determine the hot water demands for the house and see which system works better for your needs. Solar options are coming onto the market, as well.

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