A Message from our CEO & Board Chair

Financial Wellness for All

Happy New Year! We begin 2020 with great anticipation and a continued commitment toward helping people reach their financial goals. Last year, we assisted hundreds of first-time homebuyers with their purchases while helping others save money by refinancing their home, auto, or credit card loans. Equally important, we continued to expand our Awesome Cause of Financial Education, Financial Literacy, and Financial Advocacy, lifting our neighborhoods and communities through financial wellness. We also encouraged people to spend within their means, save for emergencies and for retirement, and borrow responsibly.

Reducing Financial Stress

Our mission is to help people reach their financial aspirations by providing value to our members. Along with value-focused products and services, we strive to educate people about money so they’re empowered to do more and to reduce the stress that comes from carrying debt. For example, according to a November 2019 CNBC story, student loan debt is now at $1.4 trillion in the U.S. About 70% of college graduates today have student loan debt, with the average borrower owing more than $37,000 at graduation. It’s no wonder that 81% of Generation Z adults, in a recent Time Magazine article, said money was the most common source of stress.

At Travis Credit Union, we’re concerned about the ripple effect financial stress creates in relationships, families, and neighborhoods. One way we address this is through our quarterly Smart Money Matters e-newsletter. In this issue, we share several Question and Answer sessions with in-house experts that cover topics such as Money Market Accounts, Home Loans, Refinancing Auto Loans, and TFS Retirement Accounts.

You’ll also find information about our annual scholarship program, which helps our younger college-bound members reduce their student loan debt.

Turn to Travis for All of Your Financial Needs

From money-saving products and services, to programs that make us better money managers, turn to Travis for all of your financial needs. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you on your financial journey, call, visit, or click here: In The Community.

On behalf of Pat and myself, we wish you a prosperous, healthy, and happy New Year!

Barry Nelson, CEO

Barry Nelson
President & CEO

Pat Moreno, Board Chair

Pat Moreno
Board Chair