Frequently Asked Questions: Q&A on Money Market Accounts with a TCU Branch Manager

People save and spend in different ways, which is why Travis offers a variety of savings, certificate, and checking accounts to meet the varying needs of its membership. In this featured blog post with Scott Livingston, Branch Manager of our Vacaville-Cernon location, he answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Money Market Accounts. Learn about the features, benefits, and much more!

Q: Why are they called Money Market Accounts? Is my money invested in stocks?
A: No, the funds aren’t invested in stocks, despite the name. A money market account (MMA) or money market deposit account (MMDA) is a deposit account that pays interest based on the strength of the financial institution's priorities. Travis Credit Union’s priority is to pay our members first, unlike Wall Street banks, which pay shareholders before account holders even though the financial strengths may be equal.

Q: How easy is it to access my money?
A: Easy! You’re allowed unlimited withdrawals. Access your money online, in-person or by using checks.

Q: Are my funds tied up like Certificates?
A: No, your funds are not locked in for any period of time– you may withdraw funds at any time.

Q: Are there any fees?
A: No. We don’t charge a low balance or maintenance fee, and there’s no fee to open an account.

Q: How are savings and money market accounts different?
A: An MMA is more like a high-interest checking account. At Travis, we offer five Money Market Accounts for the best return on your savings. The more you invest, the higher the dividend-rate you earn.

Q: Is my money safe?
A: Yes! Your funds are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per depositor, per financial institution.

Q: What should I be asking to help me decide if an MMA is right for me?
A: Consider the following, and if the answers are “yes,” then an MMA may be right for you.

  1. Do I want to make more money?
  2. Do I usually keep this balance in my savings?
  3. Will I be using any of the funds soon for a major purchase?
  4. Would I like the convenience of a checking account but the benefit of a savings account?

Open your MMA today!

If you’re a saver, an MMA offers the security of insured deposits, the flexibility of a checking account, and the higher interest of a savings account. Stop by a branch or go online at to open your MMA today!

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Scott Livingston, TCU Branch Manager

Scott Livingston
TCU Branch Manager

About Scott Livingston:
Scott has been with Travis for more than a decade, and in that time he’s learned that the most important thing in finance is to pay yourself first by focusing on what’s relevant and not necessarily what’s interesting. He helps members find the value in the choices being made in hopes of a better financial life—not all at once, but over time. He reinforces with his team that each member is significant, influential, and important. This philosophy is reflected in the care his team gives to each member who walks in.