Get your Money Management into Shape

A new year means it’s time to get your money in shape and working hard for you. Travis Credit Union members have the opportunity to use MyInsight to better manage their personal finances.

MyInsight is an intuitive online money management tool found within Online Banking that lets you conveniently take control of your personal finances and simplify your life. You can see all of your TCU and non-TCU accounts in one place, visualize budgets instantly, and track spending, set goals, pay debts and much more!

Log into one place and see everything MyInsight connects with more than 19,000 institutions, so you can add all your financial accounts. Once you set up all of your accounts, just sign in and you’ll see them all with a single sign in. It’s a complete financial picture right at your fingertips!

You can add accounts such as checking, savings, cash, investments, property, loans and more. Plus, you can add accounts you may have with other financial institutions. MyInsight is accessible via Online Banking and our Mobile App. Your TCU accounts will automatically be added once you click on the “MyInsight” tab while you may add accounts from elsewhere. Plus, you can create manual accounts for those not supported by MyInsight.

Resolve to better manage your money in 2018 with MyInsight! Visit to learn more.