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Taken from Travis Credit Union and outside resources, this information offers quick advice on topics that include saving for a major expense, living within your budget, improving your credit and much more! It’s another resource for you to navigate your financial life.

Identity Theft: What is it and how it affects you and your finances

Financial Guides - Identity Theft

Identity theft can cause a great deal of financial hardship and emotional devastation.

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First-time renter? What you need to know

Financial Guides - First Time Renter

Getting ready to move into your first apartment can be liberating but also incredibly intimidating.

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Millennials and Social Security

Financial Guides - Millennials and Social Security

While retirement might seem like decades away, it’s not too early to start strategically planning for retirement.

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Seven Things To Do Before You Buy A New Car

Financial Guides - 7 things to do before you buy a new car

Purchasing a vehicle can be incredibly exciting process if the right deal can be made for the perfect ride.

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10 Resolutions To Get Financially Fit

Financial Guides - 10 Resolutions To Get Fiscally Fit

Learn ten things you can do any time of the year to help keep your financial house in order.

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21 Things Every College Student Should Know About Money

Financial Guides - 21 Things Every College Student Should Know About

Good money management skills is something every college student should know.

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Teaching Tech Savvy Kids About Money

Financial Guides - Teaching Tech Savvy Kids About Money

Your kids should be a savvy about money as they are about technology.

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Your Credit Report: More Than Just A Number

Financial Guides - Your Credit Report is More Than Just A Number

Understanding your credit report is one of the keys to preventing identity theft and fraud.

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Five Ways to Organize Your Finances

Financial Guides - 5 Ways to Organize Your Finances

Each year many of us promise ourselves that we’ll be better organized to save money. Here are five easy steps to help.

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