Job search strategies for recent Grads

You did it! Congratulations on your college graduation and finishing up a long school year. It was probably a long four years. After a summer of traveling and catching up with friends, you may be wondering, “I should probably get a job.” Finding a job, especially the first one after college, can be a daunting and intimidating process. Here are a few steps to mitigate the confusion.

Polish up the resume

Your resume will be the first thing a recruiter looks at and will determine if you get called in for an interview. Make sure yours is up to date, organized and includes relevant experiences that show why you’d be a good candidate for this job. Include your skills, practical coursework and leadership skills. Utilize online resume templates to help organize your layout.

Online presence

Build your online brand by utilizing LinkedIn and Facebook to your advantage. Clean up your LinkedIn account by adding relevant work experience, accurate descriptions and a profile picture. For Facebook, be aware of what is on your profile. Hiring managers and recruiters look at applicants’ accounts to find any self-encrypting content such as inappropriate, unprofessional photos, so remember to take those down when you’re job hunting.

Reach out

Network with everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask your dad’s friends, best friend’s mom, old soccer coach, little brother’s friend’s dad about what they do for a living. You may never know, he or she could work in your field and be looking to hire someone just like you!

Be proactive

Post your resume on online job boards such as Zip Recruiter, Indeed and Glassdoor to increase your chances that head hunters and recruiters will contact you. Find career fairs and attend them! Make sure you bring copies of your resume. Remember, dress for success!

Be patient

Job searching is a long and often frustrating process. You may hear more “No’s” before you get a solid job offer. But stay positive and keep your head up.

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