Fatigue could be affecting your job performance and safety

With increasing work pressures, nearly half of Americans are accustomed to work stress and sleep deprivation.

Forty three percent of Americans say they do not get enough sleep to mitigate critical risks that can jeopardize safety at work and on the roads, according to a new National Safety Council survey-based report. These include the ability to think clearly, make informed decisions and be productive.

The survey found 97 percent of Americans say they have at least one of the leading nine risk factors for fatigue. They are:

  1. Working at night or in the early morning
  2. Working long shifts without regular breaks
  3. Working more than 50 hours each week
  4. Enduring long commutes
  5. Demanding jobs
  6. No rest breaks
  7. Quick shift returns
  8. Loss of sleep
  9. Irregular shifts

Fatigue impacts most Americans and, in turn, every workforce. A person who loses two hours of sleep from a normal eight-hour sleep schedule may be as impaired as someone who has consumed up to three beers. An estimated 13 percent of workplace injuries could be attributed to fatigue, and 21 percent of all fatal car crashes – 6400 deaths each year – are attributed to a drowsy driver.

The survey also found:

  • 41 percent work high-risk hours, at least occasionally
  • 39 percent have trouble remembering things at work because of fatigue
  • 31 percent commute 30 minutes or more, which exacerbates the chances of falling asleep behind the wheel
  • 27 percent have trouble making decisions because of fatigue
  • 10 percent do not get regular rest breaks

While this information is worrisome, it is familiar to many working Americans and can be prevented. To find the complete report and more information about fatigue, visit www.nsc.org/fatigue.

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