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September 2015

Getting along with co-workers


Survey finds interacting with various people at work is stressful.

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Maximizing the value of your trade-in


Find out how you can the most money for your current vehicle before you head to the dealership.

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What kind of investments are student loans?


More people view student loans as a bad investment.

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Examining the path to home ownership


The realization that you can own a home is the start of journey to closing escrow.

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Empty nest offers flexibility for parents


When the kids leave for college, your horizons get to expand.

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Is driving your car damaging your skin?


Sun protection may be needed even while driving.

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Credit unions boost their mortgage game


Community-based financial institutions up their share of mortgage market by over 6 percent within last 10 years.

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Take care of your parents as the years pass


Your mom and dad aren’t getting any younger, they’ll need a watchful eye down the line.

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Working while on vacation more prevalent


Stepping back from work duties often involves remaining in touch with the office.

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Why you should join a chamber of commerce


If you're looking to make business connections in a new place, go to where the decision-makers gather to network and socialize.

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Rate at which homeowners protect valuables varies by region


Survey shows homeowners vary in protecting their valuables.

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Auto loan pre-approvals have benefits


Showing up to a dealership with a set spending limit and rate can leave you in control when it comes time to negotiate.

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