Social media savvy can sway your career path

In this digital age, scrutinizing your social media presence is more important than ever. Here are some tips to help you stay social media savvy.

Manage your privacy settings

Make sure you’re keeping the right accounts private. A platform such as Facebook has more complex privacy settings compared to Twitter and Instagram. It’s important to double check your settings and make sure your audience sees only what you want them to see.

Clean up your social media

Many employers and recruiters have turned to Facebook and other platforms to evaluate potential candidates. These profiles can give an inside look to your personality, so make sure it’s appropriate. A good first step is to comb through your social media profiles and remove ill-advised photos and status updates.

Create a separate account

If you’re working in a creative or digital field, utilizing social media is a smart move. Creating a public profile helps to market yourself as a brand and strengthen your portfolio. The best thing to do is create an additional account to separate your professional posts from mixing with personal updates.

Use common sense

You shouldn’t have to put up a cyber wall to keep things private. Using common sense before posting is the most effective way to avoid unwanted privacy leaks. If you’re worried about your friends, family or boss seeing a photo – better not to post it.

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