MYINSIGHT helps keep your financial goals on track

MYINSIGHT delivers a variety of tools which will empower you to take control of your financial well-being. Here is a rundown of the benefits that the MYINSIGHT personal financial management tool provides for you to keep your finances on track.

Track trends

This tool breaks down the spending in your account to make sure you aren’t overspending in any one particular area. It identifies the spending in certain areas by month and other subcategories. MYINSIGHT compares the spending against your income to see if you’re living within your means.

Monitor debts

The debts tool allows you to evaluate your current credit bills and ranks them accordingly to help you pay them off faster. It calculates your minimum monthly payments and gives you an estimate of when these accounts will all be paid off.

Evaluate net worth

This review ranks where you sit financially, taking into account your income, debts and assets. The number will fluctuate as you payoff or incur more debt. MYINSIGHT can help you stay on or get to a path of positive net worth.

Implement goals

The goals tool will help you reach certain financial goals, whether it’s a new house, a family vacation, a new car or other personal venture. The MYINSIGHT platform will walk you through how to setup a specific goal and show you projections on how long it will take to reach it.


MYINSIGHT has six simple alerts that will be sent to your email address when the following happens:

  • A large deposit over $500
  • You spend over $100
  • Account balance falls below $100
  • You’re charged a fee
  • You have a debt payment due
  • You go past your budget

You can also click on “detailed alerts” to specify which account you want email alerts for and at what dollar amounts. You must verify your email address to be eligible to receive alerts.

Sign up for the MYINSIGHT Financial Planning tool by logging in to Online Banking Sept. 13th!

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