Job search strategies for college grads

You’ve just graduated college, and it’s time to get serious about your job search. Here are a few ways to help market yourself as professional and employable.

Start early

Most recent grads still have access to their school’s career center and online job boards. Take advantage of the networking opportunities and resume workshops offered on campus. Remember that these services come at a cost once you’re out in the job market, so make use of them without having to pay for them while you can.

Don’t limit yourself

Even if you don’t land a job in your ideal profession, the job application process can still be rewarding. Don’t limit yourself by applying only for jobs in industries you’re knowledgeable of. The more experience you have, the more prepared you’ll be when your dream job finally arrives.

Polish your resume

You’re expected to have at least a one-page resume, so space is valuable. Keep it current and relevant by removing minor achievements from your high school career and leaving major ones such as being valedictorian. If you have any, focus on highlighting education, internships and relevant skills.

Stay connected

It’s never too soon to start building your network. Social media has made it easier to boost your online presence while expanding your professional network. Keep in touch with former coworkers, classmates and professors. You can read more about how to start networking here.

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