Don't be fooled - you can have fun on a budget

Having fun doesn’t always come with a cost. Here are a few ways you can have fun on a tight entertainment budget.


Just because you can afford tickets to the game doesn’t mean you should attend. Tailgate instead! Throw a pre-game party in the parking lot with your friends, a folklore tradition on college campuses. It’s a fun way to root for your team without breaking the bank. Hosting a tailgate potluck at the next home game will cut the cost of food and drinks. So bring the grill, coolers and team spirit!


If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, then geocaching is right up your alley. Geocaching is as close to treasure hunting as you can get. All you need is a mobile device with GPS navigation and a love for exploration. Log onto and start your hunt for nearby treasures today.

Play a sport

Gather some friends and head to your local park. Bring a skateboard, ball or a Frisbee and just start moving. Up the ante a bit by organizing a tournament bracket for more competitive play. It’s cheap, fun and a great form of exercise.

Check out community events

Look online for community calendars for upcoming local events. Oftentimes these events come at little to no cost and are a great opportunity to explore your city. You may be surprised by what they have to offer.

Travis Credit Union hosts and sponsors a variety of events aimed at improving the financial well-being of the communities we serve. Check out our community events here or RSVP for one of our free financial seminars.

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