Take advantage of Credit Union membership

A credit union? The title may sound odd for a financial institution if you were never familiar with it before-hand.

Taking advantage of the benefits of joining your community credit union can only help you improve your financial future. Here are some of things to know about them:

Not-for-profit with members first, not shareholders

Where banks have shareholders and stock owners to cut a profit for, credit unions are "not-for-profit" charters often based around a major employer or military installation in the community. Members vote for a volunteer board of directors who oversee the credit union's direction and overall mission, work that is carried out by the credit union's managers and employees. You won't find that at a bank, where the No. 1 priority is to make a profit.

Less fees and lower rates

Credit unions return the revenue they generate to members by offering lower fees and rates than most banks. Banks take the revenue they generate and turn it over to their shareholders. Credit union members reap the rewards of the financial institution with their great rates. Can a bank really say that?


The CO-OP Network

The 30,000 CO-OP ATM Network allows members to use credit union ATMs across the U.S. and Canada without being hit with any surcharges. The only bank with that kind of reach is Chase, which has about 18,000 ATMs. Travis Credit Union's mobile app has an ATM locator for you to find an ATM near you.

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