Have you booked your holiday travels?

With the summer temperatures still lingering in the air, it is hard for many of us to imagine booking our November and December holiday travel. Yet, that’s just what eight million Americans have already done, according to a report from Bankrate.

This holiday season, many savvy Americans will enjoy the best pricing on flights and hotels, and the best choice of seats on today’s cramped airliners. Oftentimes airline and hotel prices increase as your travel date approaches. Early planning will allow you to monitor availability, compare prices and budget your travels thoroughly.

So, try to avoid being a last-minute traveler. This will give you some peace of mind and help you enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Use points to save even more money

Another way to save money on holiday travel is to use rewards points/miles. Many consumers, especially those who travel infrequently, may not realize how many points/miles they have racked up through everyday spending on their credit cards. These programs often allow cardholders to redeem their points for discounts with a variety of hotels and airlines. Not to mention a healthy number of hotels and airlines have eliminated their dreaded holiday blackout periods.

Travis Credit Union has rolled out an updated credit card rewards program! With MyTravis Rewards, members can take advantage of our simple, easy-to-use program that rewards you with points each time you use your TCU Platinum Visa® credit card.

Features of MyTravis Rewards include:

  • An exciting reward selection including merchandise, travel, gift cards, green products, charitable donations and cash back**
  • Convenient online travel reservations
  • Other bonus points offers
  • And much more!

Enroll in MyTravis Rewards today!

You can apply for a TCU Platinum Visa credit card by visiting our online application. You may also visit a branch or call us at (800) 877-8328 during normal business hours. Learn more at www.traviscu.org/MyTravisRewards.

MyTravis Rewards Check Rates Apply Online

*MyTravis Rewards is available to members who open a Travis Credit Union Platinum Visa credit card account. The Annual Rewards fee will be waived for those Visa card holders who opt out of the rewards program. If you opt out of the rewards program you may opt back in later, a $25.00 annual rewards fee will apply. **Gift cards are not sponsors or co-sponsors of the program.