Building a strong corporate culture

How do you get employees to stay?

This is a common question many organizations ask themselves. But it’s no secret that a strong corporate culture leads to improved productivity and retention in employees. Fostering your organization’s identity will encourage employees to remain focused on the company’s mission and core values.

Enhancing your organization’s culture can begin at the executive level. It can be beneficial for the senior executive team to take steps toward emphasizing the organization’s mission and strengthening the workplace environment.

Staffing firm, Robert Half, offers the following tips for building a strong corporate culture:

Tell employees why their work matters

Make sure your management team talks to staff about how they contribute to the company's success. People want to know how they make a difference, which will help them stay focused on your organization’s key objectives.

Say "thank you"

Foster a culture of appreciation, where people see their work is recognized. In the process, you'll reinforce the level of expected performance. Don’t just say ‘thank you’ with memos; get out and meet your teammates from time to time. It’s a great feeling when a senior manager – especially one you don’t even report to – comes by and thanks you for your work.

Give people tools to advance

Invest in training and develop career paths, including identifying specific support the company can offer to help employees meet their individual and team goals.

Keep staff updated on financial performance

Employees are interested in hearing how your organization is doing. Leaving them in the dark can lead to stress, disengagement and speculation.

Turn jobs into careers

People want to enjoy where they work. Show them how they can succeed at your organization by conducting team-building activities and hosting events that allow colleagues to develop stronger ties.

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