Introducing MYINSIGHT

We’re excited to announce the recent debut of MYINSIGHT, an intuitive online money management tool that empowers you to take control of your personal finances and simplify your life.

MYINSIGHT gives you the power to visualize all of your financial accounts in one place – both here at Travis and accounts elsewhere – so you’ll get a complete picture of your finances. It visually displays your financial data as well as allows you to create budgets, view trends, set goals, review debt, determine your net worth and more.

With MYINSIGHT, you can quickly and accurately assess your financial status as you strive to achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.

MYINSIGHT is accessible via Online Banking on your desktop. Your TCU accounts will automatically be added once you click on the “MYINSIGHT” tab. The types of accounts you may add include credit card and other loan accounts, other checking and savings accounts, as well as accounts related to property including homes, autos and more. Plus, you can create manual accounts for those not supported by MYINSIGHT.

We’re proud to provide our members with a powerful tool to help you better manage your money so you can identify and makes plans to reach your financial goals.

Visit to learn more.


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