Enrolling in community college has worthwhile benefits

The first few minutes of your high school graduation are often moments of euphoria. You’re finally free of the mandatory grind of going to school for 13 years. Now, it’s time to embark on the next journey, and for most high school graduates, that’s a four-year (and sometimes longer) stint in college. That endeavor, however, doesn’t have to start at a four-year institution, as community colleges across California allow students to complete first two years of their college education at a smaller setting.

Here are some reasons that attending a community college will benefit you:

Easier acceptance to UCs and CSUs

Upper-division transfer students from California community colleges have the highest admissions priority of all students applying to the University of California and California State University systems. All junior and community colleges offer classes that meet lower-division general education requirements of both California state college systems. In addition, the associate degrees for transfer program will guarantee junior-level admission to the CSU system in select majors.

Cheaper tuition

California community colleges charge $46 per unit. This amounts to $690 for a 15-unit semester. Compare that to the cost of semester tuition at a four-year university. For instance, Sacramento State charges $182.40 per credit hour – or unit. That amounts to $2,736. This doesn’t include books, other miscellaneous fees, food and housing.

A smoother transition away from home

It can be intimidating for some students to move away from the only home they’ve ever known straight from home. Attending community college allows students to stay close or at home as they learn the ins and outs of college life. It also allows you to still eat food as provided by your parents and to stay in your home for no – or some – housing costs, if they allow.

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