College planning with your high-school senior

You and your soon-to-be high school graduate are in the homestretch. Now it’s time to get serious about their college search.

Choosing the right path

Selecting the right type of college is one of the first major decisions. It’s important to communicate with your child as he or she prepares for their next educational step. What career are you preparing for? How far do you want to be from home? These are some of the questions your senior should consider before applying to schools. This can help them choose between a technical/vocational school, community college or a four-year university.


You and your child will be filling out a lot of forms during these next few months. Make sure you’re both keeping track of application, financial aid and scholarship deadlines. If your child plans on applying to the California State University or University of California systems, he or she should double-check the application submission periods and requirement deadlines.

Take a tour

Touring campuses can help your child find the right fit. Fall is a great time to visit prospective schools now that classes are in session. Take a walk through the quad, visit the dorms and speak with students and professors. While a lot of information is offered online, touring the campus gives your child a firsthand look of college life.

Stay encouraging

The college application process can be an emotional rollercoaster for your child. There will be moments of high stress and uncertainty. Remember that the transition into college is a big step. Your child will face a number of new challenges and it’s important to remain supportive and encouraging.

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