Smart gift-giving is key as holiday season approaches

When Christmas or any gift-giving time approaches you may take a few moments to think about what to get a person or several people. Who gets the really nice gifts will also come down to your judgment.

Deciding on the perfect gift for someone can sometimes get tricky. Here are some thing to keep an eye as you’re considering your gift purchases:

Look for hints

A person who is celebrating a birthday soon may mention something such as “My college sweater is aging quickly. I could use a new one” or “that new video game coming out next month looks pretty cool.” While that person may just be making conversation, he or she is also unknowingly dropping little hints about what they like or need. Just talking with someone may give you an idea for the perfect gift.

Finding the right Christmas gift may be easier because many times you can simply ask the person what he or she wants. This is especially true for children. If a child you’re gifting believes in Santa Claus, you could probably be upfront and ask him or her what they hope Santa will bring. According to The Atlantic, the percentage of children who believe in St. Nicholas plunges by the time they’re age 9.

Notice for needs

Does your brother have a motorcycle? Maybe he wouldn’t mind a maintenance kit for it (if he does the work himself). Maybe your parents could use some time away from their home. Would paying for a mini-vacation help them relax and enjoy life? Ask them questions like “what’s the last time you took a vacation” or “why haven’t you gone on a vacation?” to gauge whether the best gift ideas for them.

Can’t figure it out? Gift cards

If there are people in your gift-giving future who just don’t want or need anything, or if you can’t figure out what they want, gift cards are a safe option. VISA gift cards can be used just like credit cards and can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. Gift cards from retailers such as Target or Macys.

Good luck on finding the right gift. Remember, they say it’s better to give than receive, so always be appreciative when someone gifts you a gift.

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