Shuffle around shopping crowds this holiday season

In a season where goodwill to all is supposed to be in the “spirit” of the holiday season, shoppers instead will head out in droves to malls and shopping centers across the country in search of the best deals on their gift-giving season.

As the crowds converge, there are things you can do to avoid the holiday hustle and bustle, if you take some time to consider just when and how you shop. Here are a few tips to get your holiday shopping done without too much jostling with fellow shoppers.

Go really early, or really late

It’s as simple as it sounds. Beat the crowds who’ll wait until midday or the afternoon to head to the stores. The only time where heading out early to shop – or heading out at all, actually – won’t be a good idea is the Black Friday weekend. But the early bird usually gets the worm at retailers during most shopping days during the holiday season.

Another option is to go really late in the day, just before a store closes. This will compel you to get your shopping done in a more regimented and direct approach, leaving you little time to stray when you know the store will close soon.

Avoid parking hassles and traffic

Finding a parking spot is half the battle when it comes to the holiday shopping season. One option is to leave the car at home or parked somewhere where you can take a bus, train, shuttle or other regional transit to a shopping center. This will allow you to worry about is the gifts you’re seeking and not about the stress of finding a parking spot.

Do all of your shopping online

Avoid the hassle of parking, crowds and long check-out lines by doing all of your shopping online. If you’re eligible for free shipping, that’s a bonus, too! Be cautious when you’re having your items delivered. There are thieves who might steal packages if you aren’t home to sign for it when the deliveryman arrives.

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