Shopping tips for the holiday season

Some store Christmas displays are already up and you’ve begun hearing about Black Friday ads. If some serious holiday shopping is on the horizon, you’ll need all the help you can get to make it through the gift-buying madness still feeling merry and jolly.

Here are some tips to help make crossing off your shopping list a little easier:

Make a list

If you know exactly what you’re looking when you enter a store, you’ll less likely to be tempted by flashy displays and low-sale prices for items you’re not looking for. Having a list keeps you focused on the items you’ve already decided you want, which will make your shopping experience quicker and less stressful.

Check online sales

Before you visit the department store, check online first. The selection may be higher and the prices lower. And if the shipping is free, you’ve probably saved yourself a trip to the store. Just be sure to confirm delivery dates so you’ll get your item in time to wrap and distribute.

Comparison shop

While you’re online, comparison shop to check prices at various retailers, especially if you’re making a big purchase. The difference in price can be substantial, and you could earn reward points from certain retailers as a bonus you can keep!

Gift Card differences

If a cash alternative is on your shopping list, remember that not all gift cards are the same. Gift cards that carry the logo of a payment card network such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express can be used where those brands are accepted. But retail gift cards such as Target, Starbucks and iTunes can only be used with those merchants.


If cash is tight right now but will improve in a few weeks, consider layaway programs offered by some retailers. Typically, when you layaway something, you’ll put down a deposit that is a percentage of the purchase price and pay the rest over time. The merchant will hold the item for you in reserve until you can pay it off in full. Layaways allow you to reserve items that may not be available when you actually have the funds to buy them outright.

Keep your receipts

Remember to save all of your receipts from your holiday shopping. It may be helpful to ask retailers for gift receipts that you can include with your gifts so they may be returned or exchanged more easily. Keeping receipts also helps expedite refunds and returns, and is used to help validate warranties.

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