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November 2015

Preparing your savings account for the holidays


It’s best to make sure you have a surplus of cash as opposed to not enough.

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Smart gift-giving is key as holiday season approaches


Depending on the recipient, the gifts you give could be useful or not.

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Shuffle around shopping crowds this holiday season


Things can get testy at shopping malls and department stores in November, December.

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New car prices are on the rise


The average closing cost is up a few hundred dollars from last year.

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Shopping tips for the holiday season


Ensure your holiday shopping is a success with these tips.

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Bank fees still on the rise


Fees for out-of-network ATMs, overdrafts escalating as credit unions shine.

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Survey says: customers oblige on feedback requests


Research from firm shows people aren’t afraid to speak their mind on an experience.

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Home-buying seasons vary, but it’s ultimately up to you


Potential homebuyers need to work backwards from their move-in date to determine when it’s right for them to buy a home.

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What to keep in mind as credit offers arrive


Just because you can qualify for a $10,000 auto loan doesn’t mean you need to use the entire loan.

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Prepare for a home purchase next summer


Buying a home takes months of planning before you even sign on the dotted line.

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Why people buy cars in December


Luxury car sales are very good during the holidays because of promotions to clear year-end inventory.

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New auto models arrive with increasing technology


Apple CarPlay one of the signature additions to 2016 models.

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What you'll need to get a small business loan


Be prepared to provide various documents when you apply to kick start your new endeavor.

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