Shop wisely this winter

The hustle and bustle of the holiday can lead to impulsive shopping decisions that can leave you in debt, as well as with regret. Holiday shopping is serious business. Get your game face on and remember to stay focused and spend wisely this season.

Sign up for updates

Some of your favorite retailers offer reward cards to their loyal shoppers. The holidays are a great time to sign up for loyalty programs and take advantage of their shopping perks. Another option is subscribing to email newsletters. Stay updated with your favorite store’s sale days and get early access to coupons and discounts. Oftentimes retailers will give you a discount code just for joining their program.

Save receipts

As you’re shopping the sales and checking off your gift list, remember to save your receipts. Receipts are your ticket to efficient returns, just be wary of the return policies. Receipts are also the best way to track your real expenses to make sure you’re within budget. Be sure to double-check your sale slips for accuracy. With all the commotion of the holidays, it’s important to make sure all discounts applied and you were charged correctly.

Lookout for scams

The holiday season is primetime for scammers. Due to the increased exposure of financial information, consumers are more susceptible to identity theft. If you plan to shop online, make sure you are purchasing from a familiar and secure site. Be suspicious of any holiday sweepstakes for the latest tech, toys or other eye-catching prizes from unfamiliar websites. Some online contests may lure in entrants in order to steal personal information, later leaving you victim to identity theft.

Be smart with your finances this holiday season.

Learn more about the types of identity theft and protection by visiting Travis Credit Union’s MyLife Financial Guides. These short informative guides can help you become a better money manager so you are prepared for the holidays.

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