Conquer the crowds this holiday season

With packed parking lots and crowded aisles, it seems like the malls never sleep. If you’re trying to avoid the Christmas chaos, here are some ways to make your holiday shopping experience less hectic.

Timing is key

One of the easiest ways to beat the crowd is to know when to shop, or better yet, when not to shop. RetailNext, a retail analytics firm, expects the busiest shopping day to fall on Super Saturday, December 17. Find out which other dates make the busiest shopping days list and try your best to avoid them.

Shop locally

Skip the mall altogether by shopping small. Try visiting a local gift shop instead of a major retailer. Small businesses often stock one-of-a-kind gifts that are sure to surprise your loved one. Not only will you be supporting your local economy but you’ll be gifting something quite unique.

Skip the line and shop online

What better way to dodge the holiday hustle and bustle than to not set foot in the mall? Just remember to order your gifts early so they arrive in time. Track your packages closely to ensure they’re delivered to your doorstep safely.

Get a head start by saving for next year’s holiday season. Open a Target Savings Account and save a little money each month for your 2017 holiday shopping. For more information, you can call (800) 877-8328 during normal business hours. Or, stop by one of our branches to open a checking or savings account.

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