Benefits of joining a Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a group dedicated to furthering the interests of the local business community and advocating on their behalf. Membership can provide many benefits for small business owners.

Build strong relationships

Chamber of Commerce membership presents a variety of networking opportunities aimed to connect local business owners. Community events allow members to be put in direct contact with local professionals and initiate business-to-business commerce. These relationships can help grow more business opportunities with potential clients and vendors.

Increased exposure

One of the biggest pros of joining your local chamber is the publicity boost. Oftentimes new members of the chamber are highlighted in both online and offline publications. By having your site’s link on the chamber’s official website, your business generates visibility by improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

Also, Chamber affiliation builds credibility for your own website that can give your business an edge over the competition. And Chambers can support your business with your grand opening and other activities, including public relations events.

An advocate for you

As a member, your local Chamber of Commerce will advocate for you when needed. Chambers often fight to reduce business regulations, assessments and costs negatively affecting small businesses. These organizations do research on what’s going on locally and are willing to take on tough issues in the community.

Are you interested in joining a Chamber of Commerce near your business? Here is a list of local chambers that are in Travis Credit Union’s service areas: