Tips for first-time homebuyers

It’s exciting to begin taking steps toward homeownership. Here are some things that can help improve your home shopping experience.

Check your credit

Your ability to qualify for a home loan heavily relies on your credit score. Closely examine your finances and lookout for errors and any unpaid accounts. It can take time to rebuild damaged credit, so it’s best to try and repair your finances as soon as possible. In order to secure the best mortgage rates and conditions, spend some time evaluating and improving your FICO® Score.

Research homes

The search for the perfect home can be overwhelming. Narrow down your search by price range, neighborhood, school district, highway proximity, crime rates and more. These factors affect the value of homes which can then help you prioritize your options. Online services come in handy during this step, so spend some time exploring your local listings to help you find the right home.

Find an agent

The right real estate agent will help you successfully manage the home buying process. You want to be sure that you’re choosing from a network of reputable agents. Travis Credit Union partners with the best agents in our 12-county membership area who are fully licensed and committed to serving you. When you register for the HomeAdvantage program and use one of our trusted agents, you can earn a cash rebate up to 20 percent of your agent’s commission.

Enroll today

Enrolling in our HomeAdvantage program is free for Travis Credit Union members and allows you instant access to start your home search. If you have any questions regarding the program, please call HomeAdvantage directly at (800) 203-9017.

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