How to keep employees engaged

Many companies wonder if their workers are motivated about their jobs. Since a disengaged staff can lead to decreases in productivity and retention, more companies should actively work toward motivating and inspiring their employees.

According to staffing firm Robert Half, sixty percent of Chief Financial Officers think their workers are more engaged on the job compared to three years ago. Unfortunately, the majority are concerned this may still be insufficient. Recent findings from a separate study help to highlight the point that executives should not take employee engagement – or loyalty – for granted.

Robert Half offers these suggestions to help improve employee engagement:

Give individuals a glimpse of their future.

Check in with team members about possible career paths at your company, including potential advancement opportunities and milestones needed to achieve them. Individuals want to know where they’re headed and how you will help them get there.

Promote creativity and innovation.

The Robert Half and Happiness Works research found the ability to do interesting and meaningful work is a key factor in employee happiness. Encourage your staff to pursue new projects and explore new pathways at your company they are likely to find fulfilling.

Keep lines of communication open.

Employees are inclined to feel more connected to their jobs when they have productive work relationships with their managers. Remain accessible to your team and let them know they can come to you with questions and concerns.

Take an interest

in your employees’ work – and their lives. Every worker is an individual. Make a point to learn about and support staff members’ professional goals and aspirations, as well as their passions outside the office.

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