Small-town USA feel present in Atwater

When you walk into the Travis Credit Union branch in Atwater, there’s a feeling that you’re at home, a place where everyone knows your name and a chorizo burrito and delicious pastries are just a stone’s throw away at Jantz Café and Bakery.

Members walk in and feel welcome, so much so some of the just stop in to say hi to Member Service Reps to discuss the next big update in their life and they’ll see a close friend in line and talk about what their plans are for this weekend to see if they can connect.

And a lot of places, including Jantz and Travis, are still closed on Sunday, and doctors, according to the nurse seen in the parking lot a few Fridays ago, buy pies for their entire staff at the end of the week. Not to mention that the Branch Manager, Andrea Baptie, was the Grand Marshal of last year’s Fourth of July Parade.

This is the definition of small-town USA, and comfort zone you just can’t find anywhere. Of course, the 28,000 people in Atwater didn’t always have open access to where the current branch is. Travis merged with Castle Credit Union at Castle Air Force Base in October 1985.

When the base closed in 1995, so did the Travis branch. But after feedback from members in Atwater showed that they didn’t like traveling to Merced for their financial needs, the current branch opened its doors in December 2006.

“They’re used to seeing the same faces all the time because, for the most part, since I’ve been here (July 2007), nobody has quit. If anything, we’ve hired two more people.” Branch Supervisor Susana G. said.

The faces that come into the branch are also the same faces who point new members in their direction. “They recommend a lot of their family and friends to us and most of the accounts we get is because of a member / friend (recommendation or that),” she said.

In addition to the parade, the branch participates in the Relay for Life fundraiser and sponsors a plane at the Castle Air Museum. Visit our Atwater Branch at 981 Bellevue Road.

Don’t forget to join us for the 2016 Atwater Community Meeting on Tuesday, May 24 at the Castle Air Museum!

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