Make sure the grad party isn’t a dud

Commencements are fast approaching for soon-to-be high school and college graduates, and with that comes a celebration.

The graduate will probably want to invite friends to their graduation party or dinner. It will be up you, as the parent or guardian, to ensure the event is memorable and fun, without costs getting too out of hand or guests too out of control. Here are some things to keep in mind as the graduation event approaches.

Know how many will attend

Preparing for a high school graduation party is one thing. You usually have a general idea of your graduate’s friends and of course, you know your family members and relatives. A college graduation party may be different. Depending on your graduate’s proximity to their new Alma Mater, you may not know who will show up. For example, your graduate could have told several friends to just come by without keeping track of whether those friends will be bringing guests, too. As a result, you may want keep a college graduation party more informal – think picnic style – so you can be more flexible if more people than expected attend.

Send the right type of invitations

If you decide on a more formal occasion that requires a head count for the meal, have your graduate send out invitations with RSVPs. This will ensure uninvited guests are limited, although there’s usually one or two people who show up uninvited. For informal events, such as a barbecue, a phone call, email or even social media to a specific list of friends will suffice.

Be ready

If you’re having a formal dinner, make sure you know what you’ll be cooking in-house and what you’ll be ordering in. If you’re having a barbecue, make sure you have enough food. Remember, college students love to eat! People remember parties for all the wrong reasons so make yours memorable for all the right ones!

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