Time for a home upgrade

First-time home buyers often aim to purchase a home that’s known as a “starter”, whether that’s an older fixer-upper or a condo.

But after a few years, things can change, and the family of one becomes a couple, and the couple turns into a family of three, then four and maybe even five. Then comes the realization that the starter home isn’t big enough anymore – time for an upgrade!

Purchasing a bigger home is no easy task and one of the biggest judgment calls you’ll make in your life. Here’s a few things to ask yourself as you start down the path towards a new home purchase.

Do you really need a bigger home?

Before you even take the first steps, take a look around and make sure this is the right decision. Are there adjustments or additions you can make to your current home which can change the need for a new home? This is a judgment call that can save you thousands of dollars and potentially add to the value of your home.

What exactly are you looking for?

Are you looking for more space in the backyard, more bedrooms or is proximity to work/school a buying point? All these question should be one of the major factors into why you may need to purchase a home. They all vary depending on your personal life.

How much can you afford?

What’s the price point that makes or break the deal? Are you anticipating putting down 20 percent or will you be putting down more or less? Factor in how much you need to save before the big purchase to make sure you have enough when you sit down at the bargaining table.

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