Napa Branch a hidden jewel in the Napa Valley

When people think Napa, they think Wine Country. But for many of the residents of the city situated at the base of the picturesque Napa Valley, they’re beginning to think more about Travis Credit Union.

The Napa Branch was acquired as part of Travis Credit Union’s merger with Napa Schools Federal Credit Union in 2007. Lots of Napa Schools members remained after the transition to Travis. Membership consists of families, retirees from the merger and small businesses. The staff participates in the Napa Home and Garden Show, the City of Napa Benefits Fair and other events.

The Napa Branch had a smaller staff two years ago when Branch Manager Melissa Berengue first started her position there. “When I got here, there was only two tellers, and two reps,” Melissa says. The branch has since enjoyed the benefits of increased membership, with the staff size now at nine. Most of them started working there within the past few years as more Napa residents started to Turn to Travis for their financial needs.

Employees happy to work without constant sales pressure

Melissa is happy that her team enjoys an atmosphere where they aren’t required to sell items to members but rather help listen to their needs and provide them with services that can truly improve their financial lives.

“It’s just them looking for those opportunities,” Melissa says. “A lot of them here have come from Wells Fargo, where numbers were forced on them, and products were forced. ... Coming here, that’s a lot of things they say, ‘I love that I can help the member and not force a product on a member – something that’s going to help them.’”

You know you’re in Napa when: you see Austin

The branch’s longest-tenured staffer is Senior Teller Austin Dahn, a Winters native who moved to Napa. He admits he sort of “stumbled” into banking thanks to a referral from a family member who knew a then-current branch employee.

The connection with Austin has run deep for one particular member. “I have one that always jokes that she’s going to put me in their family Christmas card because all of them bank here. It just makes me feel good that they appreciate it.”

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