Five ways to develop overall healthier habits

Some habits can be tough to break, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and improve your health behavior. Adopting new, healthier habits can protect you from serious health issues and expenses down the road. It will take a while before these changes turn into habits, but your journey to better health is a rewarding process. Here are some ways to kick start your healthier lifestyle.

Substitute foods and ingredients

Dieting can be difficult, especially if you’ve been eating the same way for years. The secret is to substitute your ingredients with healthier alternatives. Try buying leaner cuts of meat and using no-salt seasonings. If you want to cut down on carbs without sacrificing taste, try cooking riced cauliflower or making noodles from spaghetti squash. Making small substitutions in your meals can lead to even greater changes on the path to a clean diet.

Meal prep on Sundays

You don’t have to burden yourself with calorie counting, but meal prepping is a great way to keep track of your intake. Planning and prepping your meals not only saves time during a busy week, but it prevents you from overbuying and overeating. Try finding bento box style reusable containers and get creative with your meals. In fact, assembling your meals can be fun, and totally Instagram worthy!

Surround yourself with healthy people

This doesn’t mean you have to make friends with a personal trainer and dietician. Healthy people take many forms. Whether it’s a friend that makes you laugh, a coworker that inspires you or simply people that make you happy. Surrounding yourself with healthy and happy people will leave you less stressed and filled with positive energy. You are more likely to pick up on habits of those you love, so why not spread health and positivity?

Make exercise fun

Let’s face it, running isn’t for everyone. Don’t get discouraged because you can’t run five miles on a treadmill. There are plenty of other ways, and more fun ways, to get the exercise you need. Find a sport or activity you love and make the most of it. Bring a friend along for a hike or maybe follow along a YouTube video of a Zumba class.

Turn off tech every once in a while

No matter how many times we tell ourselves we’ll take a social media cleanse, it feels almost impossible to put our devices down. Technology is an amazing tool, but it shouldn’t control our daily habits. Every so often, turn off your device and relax your eyes, embrace your surrounding and have a face to face conversation. Take a break from your bright screen and read a book instead. Try charging your phone in an outlet across the room and see how it feels. You may find that letting go of your phone before bed will improve your sleep.

Pretty soon, you will experience the lifelong benefits that your healthy habits will bring – but don’t forget about financial health. Check out our upcoming seminars hosted by Travis Credit Union. Visit our website to learn more about our free sessions and reserve your spot today!

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